“As a leader I can see how the power of effective coaching inspires greater performance and potential in a team and organization. The trainer was good at leading, facilitating and getting the best out of everyone. She was engaging, motivating and encouraging and the training made be excited about my new leadership role.”

Service Team Leader – Sky Ireland


“Recently I have taken up a new leadership role and I felt it was necessary to build on my interpersonal and communication skills in order to encourageand grow teamwork, loyalty and commitment.
I really found the training course to be an enjoyable and valuable experience.”

L. McGreal – Osprey Hotel


“I can only say that the course I attended on motivation was certainly that ….. motivational.
I learnt so much about the different ways in which we are all motivated – how the culture in an organization plays a key role. Most importantly, creating ‘a great place to work’ where goals are achieved, peoples’ talents are tapped into and everyone’s contribution valued is at the heart of Inspirational and effective Leadership.”

Sales Team Leader – Sky Ireland


“During the training course I learnt what my leadership style is and how it affects my ability to lead.
I also became aware of other leadership styles I could use. The piece on values was very thought-provoking, as I never realized until now how my values affect my decisions and behaviour. Time well spent.”

N. Fennell – Pfizer


“The course on emotional intelligence was interesting and insightful. To be a really good leader you have to be emotionally intelligent, at least that’s what I believe. Building relationships with your team and other Managers is vital if you want good results. “

S. Ryan – Irish Life


“I felt Grainne engaged us in a well-structured course. We had the opportunity to do some actual presentations, which I found helpful, as I learn when given the chance to practice. She showed us a lot of techniques we can use to persuade and influence others. The course was highly motivating and interactive. A refreshing experience!”

T. Murphy – Price Waterhouse


“The trainer is definitely on top of her game. I have learnt how to create a better work environment by looking at my teams’ strengths instead of always focusing on what they cannot do well.”

D. McGrath– SAP