The Academy of Professional Leadership Training & Coaching’s Mission Statement is:

“To inspire and develop talent and potential through providing high quality, innovative
Training and Coaching.”

What is Coaching?

shutterstock_220555048Coaching is a collaborative alliance, which unlocks a person’s potential. It develops and enhances performance, facilitates the achievement of goals and instills a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

It is based on the belief that everyone is creative and resourceful and has the ability to elicit solutions towards the achievement of desired outcomes and goals. It is future-orientated and action-orientated and provides an insightful methodology for both professional and personal growth.

Coaching inspires and motivates us towards success.

“The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already.”
– John Buchan

The Value and Benefits of Coaching to Organisations

“The evidence from coaching research demonstrates the value of coaching as a significant tool for leadership development.”  Jonathan Passmore – ‘Leadership Coaching’ 2010

By unleashing people’s passion, innovation and abilities and by unlocking their potential through coaching:

Organizations benefit in the following ways: 

Improved Performance  

Increased Productivity

Attainment of Objectives and Goals

Enthusiasm for Innovation

Increased Profitability

Talent Retention and Succession Planning

Less Absenteeism and Burnout

Recognition as being ‘A Great Place to Work’

Have influential, inspirational and effective Leadership


  • Achieve desired Goals
  • Embed Change
  • Accelerate the learning curve of employees towards a high degree of competence and performance
  • Provide excellent Customer Service
  • Create Market Leaders through innovative thinking
  • Facilitate the transfer of learning from Training Programmes to actual Job Roles
  • Provide an opportunity for Individual and Team development, Succession Planning and Career Progression
  • Improve Organisational Communication and Behaviour
  • Engage employees – be a catalyst for high energy, drive and commitment to performance and desired outcomes
  • Tackle motivational issues
  • Remove individuals’ internal obstacles to their performance and learning
  • Develop and enhance individuals’ professional and personal skills
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Provide a pathway for personal growth
  • Develop self-awareness amongst employees and resolve challenges by facilitating ‘thinking outside the box’
  • Promote resilience and well-being in the workforce
  • Support reflection and critical thinking
  • Unleash potential
Why Train to be a Coach?

By embarking on this Coach Training Programme with the Academy of Professional Leadership Training and Coaching and becoming qualified as a Business, Executive and Leadership Coach you can set up your own business in coaching, or incorporate coaching into your existing work role.

You can adopt a coaching style of Leadership and Management, develop your people management skills and improve your performance, communication skills and effectiveness. Coaching will promote the organizational vision, culture and objectives and empower individuals to find solutions to challenges within the business.

In an organizational setting, coaching not only improves performance and helps overcome challenges, but it boosts staff morale, enthusiasm and motivation. It does this by allowing individuals to experience career satisfaction and fulfillment by providing a pathway in which they can develop their potential. In turn, this generates more productivity and loyalty and attracts talent, leading to business success, innovation and growth.

Who is the Coach Training Programme for?
  • Individuals in existing leadership roles who want to develop their skills and leadership styles, improve their performance and feel confident leading a team;
  • Leaders who want to establish a coaching culture, be innovative and learn how to inspire and motivate their teams to achieve results and to take responsibility in their roles;
  • Individuals with the potential to be great leaders;
  • Individuals in HR who are interested in developing and managing people;
  • Individuals in Training, Learning and Development roles;
  • Service or Helping Professions whereby coaching can add value to their practice;
  • Individuals who want to explore and develop their career paths and opportunities.
Why choose this Coach Training Programme?

The Academy of Professional Leadership Training and Coaching prides itself on providing a quality, in-depth coaching course that is underpinned with psychological methodology, adult learning theories and business and management models.
This combined with a practical, experiential emphasis to our Coach Training Programme has proved to be of immense value to our graduates in terms of enhancing their professional skills and personal development;

Our Diploma in Business, Executive and Leadership Coach Training is accredited with the Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland ensuring quality and standards;

We are an organisational member of the Association for Coaching and adhere to their Code of Ethics and Good Practice;

All of our trainers are qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professionals with strong business acumen, people development and psychological strengths;

Our Programme exposes participants to subjects that are stimulating, interesting and practical. Coaching skills applied in the workplace are a catalyst for success; We are passionate about developing people. Our Vision is:

“To encourage and empower individuals through training and coaching to identify their passion and values, and to use their talents, skills and potential to achieve their ambitions and progress their careers.”

We have a significant amount of experience, knowledge and expertise in training coaches;

The learning is practical and experiential and takes place in an interactive, participative environment;

This Programme provides an opportunity for personal development and growth;

We have access to online coaching resources;

The ratio of Trainer to Participants is no greater than 12:1 thereby providing participants with the opportunity for individual attention and support;

We arrange an informal interview process with each participant prior to booking to assess and ensure that the training programme is ‘right’ for them;

There are substantial tuition hours that give participants time to assimilate and integrate the learning into their role;

There is an opportunity to be coached by a professional, qualified coach/supervisor as part of the criteria for the Diploma Award;

After having successfully completed the “Diploma in Business, Executive and Leadership Coaching”, graduates will receive a complimentary 1 hour coaching session.  This will either be by Skype or face to face, 1 month after the Training Programme and is provided to support the graduates’ learning and development and career progression.

The Award

After having graduated from our Coach Training Programme as highly skilled professional Coach Practitioners participants will
receive a:

Professional Diploma in Business, Executive and Leadership Coaching
Accredited nationally by the Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland

Course Topics






The nature and Principles of Coaching

Exploring the differences between Coaching and Mentoring, Consulting and Counselling

The Coaching Relationship

What is the ‘ideal’ client?

The qualities, skills and characteristics of an effective Coach

Developing self-awareness

Effective interpersonal and communication skills – the role of active listening, asking powerful questions, intuition and curiosity in coaching

Advanced Coaching Competencies

Learning Styles Models

Exploring how our beliefs and thinking influence our performance and achievements

Tools to Prioritize aspects of your role

Tools for innovation and problem-solving

Learning how to motivate your team and create a positive working environment

The GROW behavioral Coaching Model

Emotional intelligence and the significant role that it plays in people management

Solution-focused Coaching

How does Positive Psychology interconnect with Coaching?

Cognitive behavioral coaching to overcome procrastination

NLP tools to build rapport in relationships and enhance communication. The use of metaphors to encourage transformative change

Exploring the concepts and challenges in creating a coaching culture

Exploring Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace

Exploring how values influence our choices, decisions, goals and behaviours

Leadership Coaching (personal, interpersonal and organizational)

Leadership styles and their impact on the climate of an organization

Exploring a SMARTER Model to achieve goals

Successfully Coaching through Change

Coaching for diversity in ability & potential

Setting up & Marketing a Coaching Practice

The role of Supervision and CPD in Coaching


To discuss the cost of the Coach Training Programme which upon successful completion provides you with a professional:
Diploma in Business, Executive and Leadership Coaching …which is accredited nationally by the Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland.

Please contact Grainne at 087-6379765 or email grainne@leadershiptraining.ie or grainne@coachingforsuccess.ie.


Our Autumn Coach Training Programme for the DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS, EXECUTIVE AND LEADERSHIP COACHING takes place in the following 2 venues:


The Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel, Stillorgan Road, Blackrock, Dublin. There is complimentary Car Parking and the Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel is serviced by the 46A, 63, 84 and 145 bus routes that stop outside the hotel. Our Autumn programme takes place over 8 weekends once a month, commencing Saturday 26th September 2015.


The Hilton Hotel, Northern Cross, Malahide Road, Dublin 17. There is complimentary Car Parking and the Hilton Hotel provides a Map and Directions on www3.hilton.com Our Autumn takes place on a Friday and Saturday once a month, commencing Friday 16th October 2015.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT GRAINNE AT 087/6379765 or email grainne@coachingforsuccess.ie or grainne@leadershiptraining.ie or contact Catherine at 086/0847314 or email catherine@leadershiptraining.ie

How to Apply for a Place on the Programme

If you would like a place on either of these Coach Training Programmes, you will need to attend an informal face-to-face interview. The purpose of this interview is to ensure that you are ‘right’ for the training programme and that you or/and your organization will benefit from it. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the programme.
Please note that due to our maximum number of participants being 12 on each programme PLACES ARE LIMITED.

If you are offered a place on the Business, Executive and Leadership Coach Training Programme and you would like to accept, in order to secure your place, you will need to fill out the necessary documentation and pay a 10% deposit of the Course fee.

The remainder of the course fee is payable on or before the commencement of the Coach Training Programme.

OR CATHERINE AT 086 0847314 or EMAIL grainne@leadershiptraining or grainne@coachingforsuccess.ie


“I found the Coach Training Programme so interesting.  In the past I would have mentored people but coaching is entirely different.  Coaching helps people come up with their own solutions generating more interest and commitment to the tasks at hand and more willingness to take responsibility for their role.  In my current role I am finding that coaching really does make a big difference to results and to the bottom line, and to helping people feel empowered in their roles.

During the Coach Training Course I received continuous feedback on my coaching skills and approach from the tutor, my peers and my pro-bono clients.  This really helped me to develop my skills and to become a better coach.

The course reveals a different way of developing and managing people.  At a personal level I learnt a lot about myself – how to overcome obstacles and deal with self-sabotaging doubts, allowing me to press on to the goals I want to achieve, and it certainly improved how I communicate and manage people.

This Coach Training Programme really promotes the importance of Learning and Development within organisations that want to succeed.”

J. Hynes – Wonga Group


“The Coach Training Programme was excellent.  It was a very well structured course with a psychological underpinning that provided clarity and insight to the benefits and value of Coaching.”

L. Victor – Top2Toe Home Improvements


“I would rate this Coach Training Programme as being excellent.  I found the practical elements of the course very useful i.e. pro-bono coaching, peer coaching, feedback, peer mentoring and support and the written feedback given by Grainne on the assignments, very helpful.

Grainne is a good communicator and very knowledgeable about the subjects being taught.  She was very supportive throughout the training programme.

I learnt the skills of coaching through theory and practice, which was infused with a psychological orientation.              I would be very happy to recommend this Coach Training Programme.”

P. O’Connell – Templeogue College


“I would rate the course as excellent as there is good coverage of theory and development of a coaching toolkit, combined with time and space for coaching practice.

The pro-bono coaching and peer group coaching with feedback from the supervisor was helpful.  Grainne has a broad knowledge of coaching theory, strong coaching experience and she gives you incisive feedback.  The skills needed to coach were taught very well.”

P. Egan – Sage Ireland


“I enjoyed a wonderful personal and professional learning journey from start to finish.  I gained a full understanding of the skills, tools and techniques needed to coach successfully.  Working with pro-bono clients was especially rewarding and a great way to put the theory into practice.

There was clear and concise instruction of theory and practice in class, with feedback.

Grainne was accessible and supportive throughout and had very good rapport with the class.  I would be very happy to recommend this Coach Training Programme.”

S. Mulholland – St. Vincent de Paul