“The career coaching was fantastic. I’m now definitely on the right career path. Thanks for the inspiration.”

M. Shields


“The career coaching sessions were brilliant – they gave me a real sense of direction and helped me to pinpoint the types of positions I would like to work in because up to this I had no real sense of clarity. Grainne is an excellent coach; she is very helpful and gives 100% to each session.”

B. Gilmore


“I have gained more clarity on the career direction I want to take. It also helped me compose a CV and I gained interview techniques that will be of value.”

B. Connolly


“I wanted some help with my delegation skills and to revive my enthusiasm and interest in my job.
I had become a bit stuck in a rut and was feeling de-motivated in relation to work. Through coaching I improved my delegation skills, applied some of my ideas and improved my relationship with my direct reports. I also identified some areas that would give me greater job satisfaction and found renewed energy. Grainne helped me to attain real results. The sessions really benefited me in a practical way.”

Mary Coale


“Life is too short to waste on work that you don’t enjoy. Career coaching helped me to discover the type of work I would like to do in the future.”

M Glynn


“I had a lengthy interview with the instructor for a University Course. I found the interview easier as a result of being coached and I have been offered a place on the course. Thanks.”

J. Conor


“I feel like at last I’m on a career path I really want to be on. I have set goals and I know that everything I want to do is possible – I just have to believe it and set down practical steps to get there – very exciting stuff! I had heard that Grainne genuinely is interested in her clients and their ambitions and in my experience this has definitely proved to be true.”

E. Quinn





“I found the training and coaching sessions to be very worthwhile – a great learning opportunity.
I achieved a new career, a greater understanding and awareness of self and others and I learnt how to be assertive. Grainne has truly helped me to change my 
life. Thank you.”

G. Hynes


“The sessions were very informative and interesting. I now have more confidence in myself and feel more in control of situations and events in my life and at work. I believe in myself more, feel less afraid to make mistakes and I know I can achieve what I set out to do.”

B. Leond


“I have achieved definite results – I have a clear plan of action for my future. I have found things in life that are important to me and a positive attitude is so important. Grainne has been a tremendous help to me and I always looked forward to our sessions.”

D. Degine


“I have learnt to accept people as they are – to not let them disappoint me so much. I have learnt to believe in me and go for my goals. I feel it is time for me to move on in my career. I have a fantastic support network including Grainne. I would highly recommend life coaching.”

F. Lynch


“After the coaching sessions I am more aware of my value and self-worth and of my ability to deal with situations and people.”

H. Healy


“I’m more positive, more assertive and more confident after having engaged in life coaching. Grainne is very good at her job.”

L. Goves


“I came to coaching as it helped me to deal with and figure out a way through difficult situations. It has taught me that you cannot change a situation but you can change the outcome i.e. how it affects you, by changing the way you look upon it. I have learnt that I have the answers and the power to change. I would give coaching a score of 20 out of 10 as it has made such a difference to my life.”

M. Maughen





“I am driven to be successful in my role in Sales Management. Coaching has had a significant impact on how I perform. The coaching sessions have helped me highlight areas that require development and to create a plan towards improving these areas.
They have been extremely useful for my personal development too – I would be happy to recommend my coach to any of my colleagues. Grainne is an amazing coach.”

S. O’Toole – PayPal


“The coaching sessions have changed my whole approach to the role regarding how to obtain results. They developed my potential as a Sales Team Leader and have impacted positively on my team’s attitudes and behaviours, communication, ownership of tasks, teamwork and key performance indicators. I believe that coaching is my pillar to being a good leader/manager, helping improve my performance and that of my team.”

J. Fahey – Sky Ireland


“Coaching helps me action my aspirations and to develop areas of opportunity. I have built relationships with my peers as coaching has helped me to ‘put myself out there.’ Coaching has given me confidence in my role in managing the performance of my team. It helps to motivate and inspire them and it gives them the opportunity to find solutions to challenges.
I would recommend 1-1 coaching as I now contribute to the company more and understand my capabilities and personality better. I will continue to engage with coaching as a tool to maximize my potential.”

F. Hogan – Sky Ireland